About Us

SHARPER EQUINE TRANSPORT is owned and operated by Shannon Harper. She has worked with and owned horses all of her life, and her experience ranges from ranch work in Alberta and Texas to starting young horses under saddle, showing, breeding and owning/operating a boarding stable.

Horses on beach

When Shannon’s horse required major surgery in Aldergrove, it was necessary for her to make a number of trips from the Island with her trailer. On each trip, she was asked by various veterinarians to take their client’s horses along as they had been unable to arrange transport for the times they needed it most. She did this as a favour to the owners, but soon realized in conversation with the veterinarians that there was a real need for a company dedicated to transporting horses for veterinary care, both on and off the Island.

Horse in surgery

And so the idea of SHARPER EQUINE TRANSPORT was born…

Certifications - Why Choose Commercial?

Commercial carriers are required to pass a written exam based on the National Safety Code and the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations in order to receive an NSC Safety Certificate. This exam is the same for someone operating a single horse trailer or operating a fleet of big rigs.

Commercial vehicles operating under an NSC number must follow a regular maintenance schedule and be given a safety inspection before each trip. Drivers must provide current driving records and carriers are required to have commercial liability and cargo insurance. Horse Council insurance does not cover someone transporting horses for compensation.

SHARPER EQUINE TRANSPORT is a fully licensed and insured commercial carrier, giving you the peace of mind that your horse is being transported in safety. Each horse in our care is insured for up to $100,000.

Our drivers hold Canadian Livestock Transport certification, so you can rest assured that your horses are being cared for according to nationally regulated standards of care.