Horse Transport Equipment

2023 Sundowner Charter TR SE 2+1

This trailer has 2 warmblood-sized straight-haul stalls that can be reconfigured to a large 6’ 6” x 10” 6” box stall.

It has an additional 6’ 6” x 7’ 5” box stall, and is equipped with both rear and side ramps to allow for easy loading/unloading of horses with compromised mobility. This layout also allows us full access to each horse, allowing the driver or an accompanying veterinarian to easily perform specialized care or treatment under way if needed.

Both trailers are equipped with cameras in the horse area and are pulled by a capable Ford 350 diesel pickup.

Our newest trailer is a 2023 Sundowner Charter TR SE 2+1.

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On-call 7 days a week.

Our other trailer is a step-up Trails West 2-horse angle haul that can be configured as a large box stall.

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Trails West 2-Horse Angle Haul

Its smaller size allows us to access properties with more limited parking and as well is a less expensive option when suitable for trips that require a ferry crossing.

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